Fetishist demands shoes for a kick

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FREUD SPOKE of the case of 'a man who was quite indifferent to the genitals and other attractions of women, but who can be plunged

into irresistible sexual excitement only by a foot of a particular form wearing a shoe'.

Freud's subject, in his Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis, had become fixated at the age of six after spending a day in the nursery close to his governess's slipper. A modern counterpart is worrying police in London.

In the latest in a series of similar incidents, a short, balding man in his fifties moved in when a woman motorist broke down in a car park at Hounslow, west London, earlier this month.

According to PC Bob Gardner: 'He opened the bonnet, then asked for her shoe, saying he needed it to knock a pin into the carburettor. The car still didn't work, so he asked for her other shoe. She then noticed he had the shoes down his trousers. The woman demanded her shoes back and he handed them over. She got the car started and drove away.'

There were no indecent suggestions, remarks or touching and, say police, the man was not committing a crime, and they have no clues as to where he is.

A previous incident took place at Tooting, in south London.

Paul Brown, a consultant clinical psychologist, said the man's action had immobilised and humiliated the woman, and he responded to being told to give the shoes back as if he also wanted to be humiliated. Dr Brown said he was anxious about what would happen if the man were thwarted while being dominant.

'Does he have the potential for violence? I would say there is a fair chance he does.'