Feuding couple freed after row leads to nine days in jail

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A FEUDING couple remanded in jail after rowing over their New Year's Day roast turkey were freed yesterday.

William Greechan, 60, and his wife, Elizabeth, 57, of Gorleston, Norfolk, were released after magistrates were told they had been punished enough.

The couple made legal history last August when they were jailed for two weeks for breaching an injunction ordering them to keep the peace. Great Yarmouth County Court was told then of their 'loud, threatening and aggressive' rows heard 600 yards away and lasting up to 12 hours.

The couple were freed after serving five days when they promised to stop their feuding.

In the latest incident the Greechans were arrested on 1 January, three days after being bound over following a five-hour row. A 78-year-old neighbour called police as the couple argued over who was going to turn off their oven. They were still rowing when officers arrived and performed the task for them.

The Greechans, who have been married for eight years, spent two nights in police cells and were remanded in custody for seven days charged with affray.

The charges were dropped when they appeared in court yesterday and admitted breaching their bind over order. They were each fined pounds 30 and bound over for a further 12 months.