Fort offers security for conferences

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The top RUC Special Branch and army officers killed yesterday could not have chosen a better place for their annual terrorism strategy conference than Fort George writes Chris Blackhurst.

Located on an isolated peninsula eight miles from Inverness, the army base is effectively surrounded on three sides by water. 'It is one of the easiest places to defend against attack,' a Fort George source said last night.

Worried about the possibility of the IRA wiping out the Ulster high command at a single stroke, it was regarded as extremely secure. Only reached by one road, it is a regular venue for such gatherings.

Security for the conference, due to start today, was tight, with the 600 Royal Scots, for whom the base is their headquarters, probably not even aware it was taking place. Billed as a conference on Northern Ireland Affairs they would almost certainly not have known its true nature.

The meeting of the leaders of the fight against the terrorist, especially the IRA, was to be located in a heavily-guarded building on the sprawling site. The oldest part of the fort is open to the public and is a major tourist attraction.