Four found guilty of jail riot charges

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FOUR PRISONERS were convicted yesterday of offences arising from the riot at Strangeways jail nearly three years ago.

Mark Azzopardi, 23, and Barry Morton, 24, who escaped from court with three others nine days ago, were found guilty of plotting to cause grievous bodily harm to police and prison officers at the Manchester jail in April 1990.

Azzopardi is still at large but Morton, who was recaptured on Wednesday, faces a further charge of escaping from custody. John Murray, 24, who also escaped, was convicted of violent disorder and Nathan Gaynor, 22, was found guilty of conspiracy to riot. Darren Jones, 20, was cleared.

Verdicts have not yet been reached against Alan Lord, 31, who is still at large, and Andrew Nelson, 22. The jury was continuing its deliberations today.

Five men, two of whom are on the run, were convicted of riot offences on Thursday.

Patricia Marsh, 23, a legal executive from Liverpool, was remanded in custody yesterday accused of helping two men escape.