Four share lead in chess tournament

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FOUR players share the lead after an entertaining day's play in the second round of the Hastings chess tournament.

Judit Polgar, John Nunn and Jonathan Speelman, the winners from the first round, all drew their games yesterday and were joined on a score of 1 1/2 points by Yevgeni Bareyev, who was the only player to win in the second round.

The most absorbing game of the day was the draw between Lev Polugayevsky and Jonathan Speelman. The Russian grandmaster's deep strategic play was met by a surprising pawn sacrifice by Speelman, followed by an even more astounding offer of a knight. Polugayevsky threaded his way safely through the complications. A few more bizarre moves from Speelman, however, steered the game to a draw.

Matthew Sadler and Colin Crouch also played an exciting game, both offering pawns and later pieces in the course of beating a path through to the opponent's king. Finally, Sadler forced a draw when a rook behind.

Bareyev won competently against Ilya Gurevich, luring his opponent's rook offside, then launching a powerful attack. The dullest game of the day, between Judit Polgar and John Nunn, also ended in a draw.

Scores after round two: Nunn, Speelman, Polgar and Bareyev 11 2 ; Sadler 1; Crouch and Polugayevsky 1 2 ; Gurevich 0.