Fresh style for 'Independent'

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ISSUE 2,000 of the Independent is marked today with a new look and a new style.

Six and a half years after its launch, the newspaper has undergone a major re-design with new typography, new graphics and a new way of displaying photographs with extra white space on the right-hand side, giving them a more dramatic visual appeal.

There is also an extra page of comment and analysis, a third leader and more topical features.

The new typeface, which applies to all articles and headlines, is a version of Plantin which has a classical, traditional appearance. It originated with Christophe Plantin, court printer to King Philip II of Spain, whose most famous production was the eight-volume Polyglot Bible (1568-73).

The Monotype Plantin Old Style is believed to be one of the main sources for Times New Roman developed in 1931.