George Galloway wants MPs to live in a tower block in Leeds: What we learned from The Independent Live debate

Galloway was joined by David Lammy, Janet-Street-Porter, Ivan Massow and Maajid Nawaz

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Should the Houses of Parliament be relocated to Leeds or even Tottenham, with the monarchy abolished and Buckingham Palace demolished?

Such ideas were put forward by an eclectic panel of politicians and commentators in a heated debate on Tuesday night chaired by Amol Rajan, editor of The Independent newspaper.

The panelists included George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bradford West; Maajid Nawaz, Lib Dem MP hopeful and co-founder of Quilliam; Janet Street-Porter, Independent on Sunday columnist and former editor; David Lammy, MP for Tottenham and Labour London mayoral hopeful; and Ivan Massow, one of the Conservative party's London mayoral candidates.

With Galloway once again being heckled, it was a lively night at Banking Hall in London. Here's what we learned:

Galloway has protection from 'theocratic fascists' threatening to blow him up

Galloway revealed to the audience that he brought "protection" with him to the debate "due to theocratic fascists threatening to blow him up".

Janet Street-Porter and David Lammy clash over the green belt

London mayoral hopeful Lammy, who has made housing a key topic in his campaign, said that the green belt had to be built on to ensure more social housing. However, Janet Street-Porter, a famous rambler, hit back at the Tottenham MP, saying it was a "disgusting, philistine concept".

George Galloway endorses Lammy for London mayor

The Respect MP backed up Lammy on the green belt issue, saying he "agreed with every single word of it". Lammy joked that Galloway was trying to sabotage his campaign, to which Galloway replied, "I fully endorse David Lammy".

Galloway wants MPs to live and work in a tower block in Leeds

Galloway said London would be better without 650 MPs running around and said that Parliament should be on the outskirts of Leeds, "more or less the centre of the country". "We could purpose build a tower block for MPs to live in," he said, ruling out the problem of second homes.

Lammy would prefer Parliament to be in Tottenham

Lammy said that it wasn't just the north of England that needed representation, he argued that Parliament could move to Tottenham, somewhere that feels a "long, long way from Westminster".

Street-Porter wants 'third-rate' Buckingham Palace torn down

Street-Porter put forward the "Wolf Hall" idea of halving the number of MPs and move them around the country to different cities. She said "we could bung the Royals in the Houses of Parliament and pull down Buckingham Palace, which is a third-rate building anyway".

Lammy believes Prince Charles cares more than Cameron, Miliband and Clegg

Lammy said that Prince Charles cared a lot more about the continued impact of the 2011 riots than the leaders of the three main parties, given that he continually revisits the area, while Cameron, Miliband and Clegg have never been back.