GP accused by 'woman scorned' made allegations

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A DOCTOR accused of groping women patients claimed at a hearing yesterday that he was the victim of 'a woman scorned' who was furious with him because she thought he had cheated on her with other women.

Edward Yaw Asirifi, 49, has admitted having an affair with 33-year-old Mrs H, although he claims it began after she left his practice at the Clapham Manor Health Centre in south London.

He told the professional conduct committee of the General Medical Council that he thought she must have come to a decision to report him for the alleged misconduct because she was 'motivated by jealousy and the false thought that she was not the only woman patient' with whom he was having an affair.

Dr Asirifi, of Streatham, south London, said that Mrs H had got hold of a circular letter which he had sent out. This had canvassed for support against allegations made by other patients of indecent behaviour towards them, and she must have thought - erroneously - that he had 'two- timed' her.

Under cross-examination by James Badenoch QC, for the council, the doctor denied Mrs H's allegations that he had drawn the curtains of his surgery and hugged and kissed her after her husband had left, following a counselling session.

Dr Asirifi, who is accused of serious professional misconduct, also denied claims by six other female patients that he committed indecent acts towards them between December 1987 and January 1991.

Dr Asirifi told the committee: 'I'm not a crude, rude man like I'm being portrayed.'