Grant Shapps makes beautifully awkward Twitter typo

Tory Party chairman accused of being out of touch after misspelling the word 'dole

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The Tory party chairman has done it again. Grant Shapps has once more found Twitter fame for all the wrong reasons, tweeting "UK unemployment tumbles by a further 146,000. A good moment to recall that every Lab govt in history has left more people on the doll."

His misspelling of ‘dole’ caused much merriment amongst Twitter users. However some accused Shapps of being so out of touch with voters he couldn’t even spell the word dole.


He’s been accused of patronising the electorate before, after promoting the government’s budget with a beer and bingo poster that was seen by many as belittling working class people.

Simon Blackwell, scriptwriter on the satirical comedy The Thick Of It, tweeted: “Genuinely, if that Conservative beer and bingo ad had come up at a Thick Of It script meeting we’d have rejected it as being too far-fetched.”

The hashtag Torybingo was soon the only budget-related hashtag on the site and quickly developed a life of its own with people tweeting bingo callers number-rhymes to make their point.

They included: “Bank off-shore? 44”; “Rickety hips that you can't get fixed - 66”; “No time to skive it's (p)45”; “Closed your local A&E, number 23” and “77, let's frack Devon