Gun mix-up woman is found dead

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A WOMAN said to have never recovered after being surrounded by 18 armed policemen who mistook her for an armed criminal, has been found dead in a wood.

Police are not treating the case of Jean Coburn, 36, as a suspicious death. Two boys found her body on Monday night behind concrete bollards a few hundred yards from her home in Owlsmoor, near Crowthorne, Berkshire.

Last December, while attending Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot, as an outpatient, police had burst in and overpowered Mrs Coburn, mistaking her for a gunman. Her husband Alan said that she had never got over it.

When she was found an empty vodka bottle was by her and she had tried to write a letter but got no further than 'Hello love, I love you'. Mrs Coburn was believed to have taken tablets at her home beforehand.