Gunshots killed Waco men

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FOUR British victims of the Waco siege in the United States had to be identified from dental records and fingerprints, an inquest was told yesterday.

Post mortem examinations in Britain failed to establish the exact causes of death, but a Home Office pathologist found nothing inconsistent with those recorded in the US.

Leonard Gorodkin, the Manchester City coroner, opened an inquest on Ricky Bennett, 35, and Stephen Henry, 26, and his brother Philip, 22, all from Manchester, and Winston Blake, 28, from Nottingham. All were found in the compound of the Texas cult leader, David Koresh. US death certificates showed Philip Henry and Mr Blake had died from gunshot wounds; Stephen Henry from gunshot wounds, smoke inhalation and burns; and Bennett from smoke inhalation and burns.

The inquest was adjourned.