Gypsy woman threatened with eviction dies

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A GYPSY woman suffering from cancer, who was threatened with eviction from Church Commission land, has died.

Gypsies from all over the country gathered last week at the site near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, to take part in a vigil for Eileen Anderson, 31, who had cancer of the liver. The commissioners at first maintained that Mrs Anderson, her husband George, and her four children, aged between 3 and 10, should leave the site despite her illness.

However, after an outcry they relented and allowed the family to remain on the site while Mrs Anderson was ill. She died on Sunday and her funeral will take place this week in Ireland.

A spokesman for the commissioners said they would be considering what action to take next but would not be rushing into anything.

He added, though, that the eviction order was still valid.

He said he understood that some of the other gypsy families on the site had now left as they had promised to do once the commissioners had relented and allowed them to stay temporarily.

Mrs Anderson's brother-in-law, Thomas, said: 'The landowners have been very helpful and given us permission to stay until all this is over and the funeral has been sorted out.'