Halford backs Sheehy

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RECOMMENDATIONS IN the Sheehy report to reform the management of the police are supported today by Alison Halford, the former assistant chief constable of Merseyside.

A lengthy Home Office-commissioned report last month by Sir Patrick Sheehy, chairman of BAT Industries, infuriated police at all levels by proposing fixed-term contracts, pay based on performance, lower starting pay and a later retirement age.

Miss Halford fought a long and acrimonious case at an industrial tribunal after being dismissed from her post. The two sides settled out of court.

Writing in the Independent today, she describes the police force as a series of 'carefully protected empires'.

She says that the root the problem lies with the Association of Chief Police Officers' awesome power to transfer, promote or hold back. The problem is not confined to Merseyside, she says: 'I generally believe that many forces are seriously lacking in general appraisal and management skills.'

'Plodding response', page 21