Head of blood centre vows to keep job despite trial

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THE HEAD of an NHS transfusion centre in Britain said he intends to remain in his post whatever the verdict, due today, of a trial in France where he stands accused of knowingly giving blood products contaminated with the Aids virus to French haemophiliacs, writes Steve Connor.

Jean-Pierre Allain, the director of East Anglian Regional Transfusion Centre, said the trial had been unable to show he did anything wrong during the period between the end of 1984, when scientists had evidence that the factor eight blood-clotting product was contaminated with HIV, and the summer of 1985, when safe, heat-treated versions of the product were issued. During this period he worked for the French blood transfusion service.

'My conscience is absolutely clear, I did all I could at the time to provide haemophiliacs with the best treatment,' he said. If found guilty, he faces a two-year suspended sentence and a fine of 100,000 francs (12,484).