Heads seek 9 per cent pay rise

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HEAD TEACHERS in England and Wales are seeking a 9 per cent pay increase to bring them into line with managers in business and industry.

In evidence to the teachers' pay review body, the National Association of Head Teachers argues that members' responsibilities have increased substantially and now include handling school budgets, which can be as much as pounds 1m.

Comparisons showed that heads and deputies were last year paid at least 3.2 per cent below salaries in comparable jobs, according to David Hart, the association's general secretary.

Mr Hart said it was 'futile' for the Government to try to hold down the salaries of head teachers and deputies at a time when it was calling on them to respond to increasing responsibilities.

He said: 'The education system depends for its success on school staffs led by heads and deputies. If the leaders of the profession are not paid salaries which equate with the size of their jobs we will not recruit, retain or motivate those who must run the education system of the future.'

The National Union of Teachers, the largest of the teaching unions, is arguing for 16 per cent.