'Health warnings' appear as illicit additions to car posters

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GREEN graffiti bandits with access to a sophisticated printing press have begun a subtle campaign against hoardings displaying car advertisements, writes Jonathan Foster. Imitating government health warnings about tobacco products, the graffiti tempers automotive boasts with terse - but bogus - Whitehall warnings.

'Heat Seeking' a Vauxhall poster puns about a convertible. 'Driving Causes Global Warming' warns the discreet box at the foot of the hoarding, attributing this advice to 'Dept of the Environment's Chief Scientific Officer'.

Fiat's boast that its Tipo car is 'Designed to Create Impact. Built to Withstand it' has been illicitly counterbalanced by the view, attributed to 'Transport Departments' Chief Medical Officers', that 'Cars Kill' (above).

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said: 'These people ought to realise the enormous benefit of the car.'

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