Hitler: he did only have one

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ADOLF Hitler may only have had one testicle - official. Dr Fritz Redlich, an American medical historian believes that the well- known Second World War song may be correct, at least, in this one respect, writes Celia Hall.

'It is possible,' he writes in a publication of the American Medical Association, 'that Hitler was monorchic'. This is when one testicle is missing or undescended.

'Hitler was a difficult and unco-operative patient who refused clinical examinations of his lower abdomen and genitals as well as roentgenograms (X-rays) of his chest and abdomen,' he says in the Archives of Internal Medicine, published today.

Dr Redlich started his research seven years ago. This is will be published as a book by the OUP. As well as interviewing people who knew him, Dr Redlich has based his conclusions on the letters and diary of Hitler's physician, Dr Theodor Morell.

He has noticed that although Hitler trusted Morell, he did not allow him to carry out a full examination.

But how did the Allies know? Dr Redlich remains silent.