HIV man threatened with deportation dies

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A MAN seeking political asylum and who claimed that he was HIV- positive has died after doctors at Gatwick airport allegedly said he was faking his illness. James Segawa, 28, from Uganda, died on Friday of meningitis and tuberculosis at the Mayday hospital, Croydon.

A Home Office spokesman denied that doctors refused to treat Mr Segawa's illness seriously. 'When he arrived he was obviously a very sick man,' he said.

The Home Office said Mr Segawa arrived at Gatwick airport on 22 August and was almost 'immediately' diagnosed as being HIV- positive.

He was moved to the hospital wing at Belmarsh prison, Thamesmead, south-east London, while immigration officials decided whether to deport him.

Four days later he became 'very unwell' and was transferred to the hospital where he died. Brian Saunders, the hospital manager, refused to discuss the case but said he would be issuing a statement.

After Mr Segawa's death the Home Office informed the local Environmental Health Officer and any immigration officer who had come into contact with Mr Segawa. Gatwick's interrogation rooms were also 'thoroughly cleaned'.

The spokesman added: 'We do not expect any problems, our staff were warned and they are not in any danger.'