Holidays to tempt union recruiters

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BRITAIN'S biggest union has come up with a novel way of becoming even bigger by offering prizes to people who recruit more members.

Unison has promised a holiday in Rome for two plus pounds 100 spending money to the member who signs up most recruits. New members will be given the chance to win a holiday in Amsterdam.

The holiday idea is being tested in the union's gas section, which has 31,000 members, mainly working for British Gas.

It was the idea of Dave Johnson, Unison's deputy gas officer, and will spread to other areas if successful. 'We introduced the recruiting scheme in November for a six-month trial period and early indications are that it will be a success,' Mr Johnson said. 'My aim is to recruit 1,000 new members in six months.'

Unison has 1.4 million members working in the public services.