A home fit for a kingpin – yours for just £300m


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When trying to represent large scale the standard units of measurement are football pitches and countries the size of Wales. It's rare that one of these units can be used for a central London house.

Enter then, the football-pitch sized 2-8a Rutland Gate, the former home of late Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri. Yesterday the Financial Times reported that it's being touted to super-rich individuals for a cool £300m quid. A mere £299,612,000 more than the London average. If it's sold for anything near that amount it will smash the previous British property record of £140m. It features views of Hyde Park, a pool, a giant kitchen, bullet-proofed windows and (presumably a lot of) gold leaf paint.

As if that wasn't enough to make you feel sick – the news follows last week's government proposals to launch a fund to build 15,000 affordable homes. The fund's worth? Three hundred million quid...