Adela Copakova: Mystery over missing 14-year-old girl in Sheffield

Slovakian teen was last seen on Sunday evening at around 8pm

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Police searching for a 14-year-old girl last seen on Sunday evening have said they have not found a reason for her disappearance.

Adela Copakova has not been seen since being spotted outside a house in Twentywell Lane in Sheffield at about 8pm.

South Yorkshire police say they have yet to find a reason why she has gone missing as inquiries have indicated that she was happy.

A spokesman said officers have made numerous inquiries over the last two days in an attempt to trace her.

Superintendent Colin McFarlane said: "The inquiries we have made to date have failed to explain why Adela would have just suddenly disappeared and we are concerned to find her as soon as possible.

"Having spoken to those with whom she has been in recent contact, it appears that she was happy and gave no indication that anything was troubling her.

"I would urge people to look out for her and to let us know as soon as possible if they see her, or think they may know where she may be."

The Slovakian teen was last seen wearing brown leopard print trousers with a white vest and a white lace blouse over the top. She was also wearing large gold hooped earrings.

She is 5ft 4in and of slim build, with long, dark brown hair.

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