Alan Barnes donations halted after online fund passes £300,000

67-year-old Alan Barnes was too terrified to return home after he was mugged

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The online fund launched to help mugging victim Alan Barnes has been halted, with donations reaching a staggering £330,145.

An updated post on the gofundme website reads: “Good morning, after speaking with Alan & his family. They have asked me to stop any further donations to his fund. He is very grateful for all your love, support & donations. We will be having a little presentation to hand him his check [sic] so I’ll keep you all updated.”

67-year-old Alan Barnes broke his collarbone after he was mugged outside his own home in Gateshead.

Mr Barnes, who is visually impaired, was too terrified to return home after the attack.


Katie Cutler, 21, who lives nearby, heard about his attack and was so shocked she set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his move.

When the pair met, Mr Barnes told the BBC: "It’s like magic really, I didn’t expect anything."

Ms Cutler said: "It’s very overwhelming."

Although it only aimed to raise £500, donations flooded in and had soon passed the £100,000 mark.