Appeal launched to find pyjamas fit for an itchy horse


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An appeal has been launched for a pair of pyjamas with a difference - to fit a large horse.

Gracie May is suffering from a severe case of itching because of an allergic reaction to midge bites.

Now her owners at HorseWorld in Whitchurch, near Bristol, are appealing for a sponsor or skilled machinist who could fund or make her a much-needed pyjama suit.

The 17 hands high horse suffers from sweet itch, a medical condition that arises because of an allergic reaction to midge bites, for which there is no cure.

Karen Hardwick, visitor centre yard manager, said Gracie May's condition has gradually worsened in recent months.

"We have been struggling to keep Gracie May's itching under control," she said.

"She currently has a rug that protects her when she is outdoors in the fields, but it's far from being a perfect fit and tends to rub against her.

"She badly needs something suitable for wearing indoors when she is in her stable here at Whitchurch - a pyjama suit would fit the bill.

"Her size is an issue too. She measures 7ft high from the ground to the top of her head.

"We've searched high and low but can find nothing on the market that would fit this gorgeous heavy horse."

HorseWorld is seeking either a business that would like to sponsor the pyjamas, donations towards the cost of making them or a skilled sewing machinist who could create a bespoke pyjama suit from material supplied.

Gracie May arrived at HorseWorld in 2001, extremely emaciated and having lost most of her hair.

She was nursed back to full health and, after spending time at a loan home, now lives happily at the charity's popular visitor centre.