Archbishop’s successor sought

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A former adviser to Rowan Williams said last night that anyone who wants to replace him as Archbishop of Canterbury "must be mad". George Pitcher, who was the archbishop's secretary for public affairs until October, said that leading the Anglican Church "was not as fun as it used to be", and blamed pressures from a 24-hour media.

On Friday, Dr Williams announced he would step down in December after almost 10 years in the post, and a successor is now being sought. Dr Williams's tenure was dogged by internal conflicts within the church, although he was also criticised for being too cerebral. Mr Pitcher said Dr Williams had chosen to adopt a very hands-on approach.

"It's about how you manage the job," he said. "The next incumbent could, if they chose to, put a big marzipan layer of management between them and the work. I know of one man who wants it very much who hasn't done a day's work in his life."