Asbo woman blames Red Bull for 'hyper' behaviour

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A woman given an Asbo for terrorising her neighbours has blamed her behaviour on an addiction to Red Bull.

Amy O'Donnell, 24, from Hull, said she was hyperactive after drinking up to 15 cans of the energy drink each day. Ms O'Donnell, who is unemployed, says she spends up to £20 a day on the drink. "People report me for walking down the street, looking like I'm high, but I'm not high, just hyper," she said. She was handed the two-year Asbo last month after subjecting people living in her parents' street to a five-year campaign of abuse. Ms O'Donnell, who has one child, lives in a nearby street.

The Asbo bans her from being in Arram Grove, except to visit her parents, and from engaging in behaviour that causes harassment, alarm or distress. She is also banned from being in a number of other streets in the city.

A spokesman for Red Bull said the energy drink was not recommended for anyone with a sensitivity to caffeine. He said: "A 250ml can of Red Bull energy drink contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, which is 80mg. The consumption of Red Bull should therefore correspond to a person's regular intake of coffee."