August Tube strike: Passengers left in the lurch as 'painfully slow' talks over night train service continue

Tube workers could walk out on 25 and 27 August

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With less than a week to go until Tube workers are expected to take part in two 24-hour strikes, millions of passengers still do not know whether the action will go ahead.

Members of three of the four main Tube unions have said they will take part in the strikes on 25 August and 27 August, before the Bank Holiday weekend, if talks with Transport for London (TfL) bosses fail.

A source linked to the dispute told the Evening Standard that the “the talks continue, which is a good sign, but at a painfully slow pace.”

Workers are striking in protest against the details of plans to roll out a new night Tube service from 12 September.

Previous Tube strikes over the night Tube on 5 and 6 August were the biggest in more than a decade, and left around four million passengers struggling to travel across the capital on buses, bikes and taxis.

The RMT – the biggest London Underground union - the TSSA and Unite have said they will take part in the strike action.

However, Aslef, which represents the majority of drivers, has suspended industrial action for further talks, meaning a limited service could run.


Commenting on the situation last week, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said: "The talks have been progressive so far and we hope to continue them into next week in the hope of getting a fair and honourable settlement to both sides.

"There is now a framework in place to progress all the issues which hopefully means that, in the near future, Londoners will be able to benefit from the new night Tube service.

"This will take time but with good will on both sides, there is hope at last that this may be resolved."

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