Axe-wielding robbery attempt thwarted by brave Greenwich shop workers

Errol Woodger, 28, was jailed for four years in February for attempted robbery

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Police have released footage showing the moment an axe-wielding robber was wrestled to the ground by two brave shop workers as he attempted to steal cash from a convenience store in south-east London.

The video released yesterday by police shows the attempted robbery by Errol Woodger, 28, on the St Nicholas Convenience Store in Greenwich.

Woodger is captured entering the store on the 13 October 2014 holding a hatchet.

He quickly rushes behind the counter, lashing out at the shop worker in an attempt to get the man to open the till.

Woodger then waves his axe at a customer before again threatening the man behind the till.

Seconds later, one of the worker’s fellow employees enters the shop and attempts to help his colleague to restrain Woodger.

He manages to grab Woodger’s axe and then with the help of the other worker is able to wrestle him to the floor.

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After disarming Woodger, the two men are said to have pinned him to the floor until police arrived.

Both men, aged in their 30s, had to be treated for minor injuries after receiving blows from Woodger during the attempted robbery.

Speaking after the incident, Detective Constable Laura Hills of Greenwich CID said: 'This was a vicious attempt to rob the store and I would like to commend the victims for their extreme bravery in tackling and apprehending a man armed with an axe until police arrived.

Woodger was jailed in February for attempted robbery and possession of an offensive weapon.

Hills said: “Greenwich will be a safer place with Woodger behind bars.”