BA forced to fly empty flights

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British Airways is flying a number of empty long-haul flights as it tries to cope with the fall-out from the mass walkout by cabin crew staff.

The company is flying planes without passengers for logistical reasons so aircraft and pilots are in the right place when the strike comes to an end in three days.

A BA spokeswoman would not confirm the number of empty flights but said it was fewer than 100.

The company said it is increasing the amount of cargo being transported on some empty flights as a result.

A spokeswoman explained: "We are doing all we can to protect customers from this unnecessary and unjustified strike action.

"By departing empty long-haul aircraft we can bring customers back to the UK.

"It also keeps aircraft flying schedules and pilot rosters in place which will help to minimise distribution when the strike period ends.

"In addition we continue to carry cargo and in some cases increase the amount of cargo space as there is no customer baggage containers."

BA said that they generated around £1.8 million per day from cargo customers.

The spokeswoman added: "It's important we retain revenue where possible."