BA pilots praised for landing stricken 747

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Air accident investigators have praised British Airways pilots for safely landing a jumbo jet with 283 passengers aboard after a problem on take-off.

The London-bound Boeing 747 had just got off the ground at Johannesburg airport when one of the flaps automatically retracted, putting the aircraft in danger of stalling.

The crew prevented the stalling and were able to land back at Johannesburg in what was described as a "serious incident" in a report by the South African Civil Aviation Authority's accident investigation division.

The report into the incident on May 11 last year said it was partly the crew's "timely and skilful response that prevented this serious situation becoming an accident".

The report also said "the flight crew should be commended for the professional way that they controlled the aircraft" and that they "ensured the safety of the 283 occupants on board the aircraft".

A BA spokesman said: "We have co-operated fully with the report into the event from last year.

"We are extremely proud of the crew and they are a credit to the airline. Our customers can fly with British Airways in the knowledge that we have among the best trained and professional crew in the aviation industry."