BA whistleblower receives threats from fellow pilots

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Doug Maughan, the British Airways pilot who spoke out against "casual racism" in the cockpits of Britain's biggest airline, has lodged a complaint about threats from fellow pilots.

Captain Maughan's problems began when he was awoken in Singapore at 2.30 on Sunday morning after his allegations appeared in The Independent. After swearing at him, an anonymous telephone caller told him that it was lucky he was abroad on a nine-day trip, because "we're coming round your house".

Captain Maughan cut short his trip and returned to the UK because of the possibility of threats to his family. In a message sent yesterday to BA's chief executive, Willie Walsh, and to the pilots' union Balpa, he complained about "abusive, vulgar and hateful" comments posted on an internet forum for Balpa members.

"Several colleagues have indicated they intend attacking me verbally, and in one case possibly physically, when they next see me," he said. "Some have said they intend imposing sanctions on me, for example by refusing me travel on the shuttle if they can; and one has called for me to be 'ostracised by the whole pilot community'."

One blogger threatened: "It is easy for we incensed BA crew to deal with this prick ... At some point he will make a remark or use a phrase or utter a comment that could be construed as racist, sexist, ageist, anti- trade unionist or sectarian. When he does so I shall formally report him to management. I imagine after the third or fourth report he might be dismissed and his pension compromised."

But, Captain Maughan said yesterday: "Emails and calls I've received since [speaking out] have made it clear that the problem [of racism] is still alive and kicking inside BA."