Baby Chanel Murrish had heart surgery minutes after being born

She is the youngest baby in the UK to have open heart surgery

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A baby that underwent open heart surgery just minutes after she was born is in good health, despite having another operation just a week later. 

Chanel Murrish is the youngest baby in the UK to have open heart surgery performed on her, and is going from strength to strength in intensive care five weeks on, according to the Sunday Mirror.

She was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome following a 20-week scan at Sunderland Hospital. The disease means only one side of her heart beats.

Weighing just 7lbs, Chanel was operated on almost immediately after she was delivered by caesarean section at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital. 

The infant is successfully recovering from the two major operations, despite doctors twice giving her parents the option of a termination because they thought her chances of survival were so slim.

Following the 20-week scan, specialists warned parents Fay and Michael Murrish that Chanel would need an operation which she had a 50 per cent chance of surviving.

Doctors then explained that if Chanel survived, her life expectancy would be low and she would eventually need a heart transplant.

It was at this point that the couple were first offered a termination.

24-year-old Fay Murrish, Chanel’s mother, told the newspaper: “When you hear that you wonder if you should bring a child into the world.”

“But Chanel started kicking. There was no way I could have a termination.”

When doctors found a problem with Chanel’s heart flow, they once more gave the couple the option of terminating the birth.

“I know she wanted to live because she was giving a huge thumbs-up at her scan. It was like she was telling us everything would be OK,” Fay told the newspaper, referring to her ultra-sound showing the outline of the baby’s tiny fist with her thumb sticking out.

 “Chanel has proved she is determined to live. I’m so proud of her," said Mrs Murrish.

The couple’s two sons, four-year-old Chase and 22-month-old Cole have now finally met their sister.

Fay told the Mirror: “For now we’re living in the moment and enjoying our beautiful baby daughter.”