Bank Holiday weather: Sunshine and highs of 17C to arrive just in time for Monday

Forecasters say the wet and chilly weather will be replace by balmier conditions

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The week leading up to the Easter bank holiday has been marked by very British weather conditions, with a combination of rain and gale-force winds dampening hopes of a few sunny days off.

But all is not lost, as the chilly temperatures will be replaced by brighter spells and highs of up to 17 degrees just in time for Bank Holiday Monday.

Temperatures could fall to four degrees at their lowest tonight in more rural spots across the south west, according to the Met Office.

But Monday marks a turning point in the grey, cold weather that has blighted the last few days and southern areas can expect to see temperatures of up to 17C in coastal regions.

A spokeswoman for the Met Office said: “High pressure this weekend is keeping things settled but cloudy, although we have seen sunnier breaks today across Wales and western parts.

"Overnight, we will hold on to this cloud and we could see patches of mist and fog in coastal sites around north-west Scotland and north-west Wales."

However, patches of fog should lift by tomorrow morning and sunshine will start to break through clouds.

“Tomorrow, temperatures will be similar to today, with a few brighter breaks in Scotland, northern England and down the Welsh coast, where temperatures could reach between 13C and 14C.

“Monday will be similar a day to tomorrow really. We could see few spots of rain far north-west, in Humber towards Lincolnshire, but it will be a generally dry day, holding on to cloud but with some sunny spells.

“Temperatures will rise to between 13C and 14C and up to 17C in the south.

“We could see highs of up to 20 degrees in London by Friday. It’s going to be quite dry with bright spells until Tuesday or Wednesday with some cloud rolling around."