BBC One's Andrew Marr will return to full-time television in September

Broadcaster has already conducted a political interview which will be broadcast on Sunday 

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BBC One presenter Andrew Marr is already planning his return to television in September, just nine months after a serious stroke.

The political broadcaster will appear on the Andrew Marr Show alongside stand-in host Jeremy Vine and David Miliband, the former labour MP, during a pre-recorded interview which will be broadcast on Sunday.

His return follows a brief appearance in April as a guest on the show, whilst he was still recovering from his stroke.

Speaking about his return to television with The Daily Mail, he said: “You have to take it bit by bit and I always wanted to come back in the autumn as it’s the natural beginning of the political year. But I also felt that I’m thinking and talking fine. My walking is a bit wobbly, but so what?

“This is the first of my padding steps back to full-time. I’m really looking forward to getting back for the new political season.”

The 53-year-old was hospitalised following a stroke on 8 January, after tearing his carotid artery when exercising on a rowing machine which caused his stroke that night.  He said he suffered a “blinding headache and flashes of light”, before waking up the following morning "on his bedroom floor, unable to move”.

The stroke has left him with mobility problems on his left side, but Marr seems undeterred by this. “I had been doing too much, too quickly. I lived life at a hurtle, like a vehicle out of control, ricocheting against everyone around me,” he said. Instead, he argued that he was a happier "and slightly nicer" person than before the incident.

Marr’s future projects will include filming a documentary on Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and a ‘big interview’, although he declined to give the identity of the interviewee.