Beefeater boss says he was framed

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A cannabis plant was used to discredit the former governor of the Tower of London during an inquiry into bullying of the first female Beefeater, an employment tribunal has heard.

Major-General Keith Cima, 60, claims he was unfairly forced out of his job. In a witness statement to the central London tribunal he said he was targeted during the investigation into the bullying of Moira Cameron. "A cannabis plant had, according to the Metropolitan Police, been planted on the veranda of Queen's House in order to discredit me during the bullying inquiry."

He had been openly critical of a payout and apology given to Yeoman warder Mark Sanders-Crook, who had been dismissed for allegedly harassing Ms Cameron.

General Cima was dismissed in December after being accused of making derogatory comments about the Yeoman body, including calling them "the lowest of the low" and "thick". The hearing continues.