Birthday Honours: Order Of The Bath

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Ms Lesley Ann Strathie. Permanent secretary, HM Revenue and Customs. (Hornchurch, Essex)


Peter James Housden. Permanent secretary, Department for Communities and Local Government. (London, SE3)


John Alty. Chief executive, Intellectual Property Office, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. (London, E9)

Miss Sian Jarvis. Director-General, Communications, Department of Health. (London, SE11)

Ms Bernadette Kelly. Formerly director, Housing Strategy, Land and Markets Directorate, Department for Communities and Local Government. (Midhurst, West Sussex)

Mrs Lesley Longstone. Director-General, Young People, Department for Children, Schools and Families. (New Malden, Surrey)

Mark Neale. Formerly managing director, Budget, Tax and Welfare Directorate, HM Treasury. (London, SW15)

Ms Susan Jane Owen. Director-General, Welfare and Wellbeing Group, Department for Work and Pensions. (London, SE26)

Peter Richard Charles Storr. International director, Strategy and International Group, Home Office. (Cobham, Surrey)