Birthday Honours: Royal Victorian Medal

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John Alan Brown, RVM. tractor driver, Sandringham Estate.

Mrs Andrea Baldwin. Daily Lady, St. James's Palace.

Crawford Henry Butler. Yeoman Warder, HM Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard.

Mrs Anna Fernandes. Housekeeper, Thatched House Lodge.

Allen Michael Gilbert. Formerly Team Supervisor, The Great Park, Crown Estate, Windsor.

Matthew John King. Yeoman of Logistics, Royal Household.

Kenneth Ronald Lea. machinery operator, Crown Estate, Windsor.

Ms Denise Patricia (Mrs. Georges) McAdam. For hairdressing services to the Royal Family.

Stephen Matthew Murray. Yeoman of the Plate Pantry, Royal Household.

Norman Anthony Newstead. sawmill worker, Sandringham Estate.

Constable Raymond Michael Stanhope. Metropolitan Police. For services to Royalty Protection.

Ms Diane Isobel Wahlheim. Head Chef, Government House, Adelaide.

Colin Peter Wood. Gardens Foreman, Sandringham House.