Black Watch: 'I really feel for those lads out there'

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A selection of recent messages posted on the Black Watch regimental website

My little brother is 24 and serving with the Black Watch in Iraq. You feel helpless ... I call it the W syndrome. Before the news you worry, wait, weep. After the news you wish, wonder - who, when, where, why - and weep some more. - 'Mandy, sister'

Ever since I can remember I have paid my respects on Remembrance Sunday. I will do the same this year with a heavy heart. Our troops should not be in Iraq, and now we see what we feared more than anything, the "Cream of Our Country" being sacrificed. Scotland should never, ever forgive this Government. The ballot box should be our answer to these dreadful losses. - Elizabeth'

I am a serving British soldier in a regiment with no ties to the Black Watch whatsoever, but I felt compelled to post. I really feel for those lads out there. I just wanted to offer my sincerest condolences to the relatives of those good men who lost their lives to those fanatical cowards. - 'Wayneus'

Black Watch's great tradition - uphold it! I'm no soldier but would become one to fight all those people who so readily want to give in to a few thousand cowardly thugs in Iraq. I say to the Black Watch: you are doing professional, brave and honourable duty on behalf of the civilised world. I thank you for your saddest sacrifices and I commiserate and pray for the families too. - 'Civilisation'

Although I am just a housewife in the Midwest I feel like I need to apologise for everyone being dragged into this mess. We all had hoped Kerry would win and this nonsense would be over, but alas ... - 'Impeachbush', Wisconsin, USA