Blair throws surprise 60th for wife Cherie, invites Bobby Davro to perform

Davro takes off Tony Blair in stand-up piece while Strictly dancers also take to the stage

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Tony Blair has reportedly thrown a surprise birthday party for his wife Cherie at their home in Aylesbury, which was attended close friends and members of the Labour party – and Bobby Davro.

The comedian and pantomime star did an impersonation of Mr Blair on Friday for the audience, estimated at around 150, which he later tweeted about, saying: “Wonderful gig at Tony and Cherie Blairs [sic] crib in Aylesbury What a lovely family I hope Tony enjoyed my impression of him Thank you.”

Despite Mrs Blair’s birthday not being until 23 September, the party was thrown this weekend with guests including Labour leader Ed Miliband and his wife Justine Thornton, Alastair Campbell and his partner Fiona Millar, and Keith Vaz and his wife Maria Fernandez, the Daily Mail reported.

It is not known how much the affair cost, but Ms Rihanoff and Mr Waite reportedly charge up to £10,000 to perform at one event, while Mr Davro is understood to charge up to £4,000.

Guests were treated to a three course meal and a fake casino after dinner, while Mr Blair gave a speech about how much he loves his wife.

One guest told the paper that the party was “so well organised” and that Mr Blair “made a good speech,” but questioned why the former Prime Minister and current Middle East Peace Envoy wasn’t in the Middle East instead.

A spokesperson for Mr Blair said: "Tony Blair has been constantly in touch over the weekend on the crisis in the Middle East including talking to John Kerry and he will return to the region this week. He cares passionately about what is happening in the Middle East and will do anything he can to help the situation there."

Talks regarding the Middle East were led by United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon and US secretary of state John Kerry in Paris.

Mr Davro apparently received some of his own criticism for performing at the event, tweeting: “Ooooh just heard I have made the press again about performing at Cherie Blair’s birthday party Aparantly some folk disapprove...”.

But he couldn’t resist making a joke out of the evening for his fans, tweeting: “Saw Ed Millaband [sic] at the party last night I loved his brother’s music … Glen Millerband” next to a crying-with-laughter emoticon.