Boxer Tyson Fury angers father of dead teenager with "I'm not a grass" tweet

Andrew Jones' father tweeted the high-profile boxer and asked him to take part in an awareness raising campaign

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A father whose son was killed said he was "speechless" when high-profile boxer Tyson Fury said he would not back an awareness raising campaign, because he is "not a grass".

The former heavyweight champion made the comment after father Andy Jones requested that he re-tweet a message as part of a social media campaign marking the 11th anniversary of his son’s death.

“@Tyson_Fury Please RT and help us get justice for Andrew MURDERED in Liverpool by a gang on cowards,” Andy Jones posted to Tyson Fury’s Twitter handle '@TysonFury'.

Tyson replied to the tweet: “@andybjones I’m not a grass.”

Fury has since deleted the tweet, and later wrote: “I don't agree with murder! But I was not there & don't know the story. So there for I can't & won't get involved in the inquest.”

A spokesman for Fury then contacted Mr Jones via Twitter, and said: “Tyson does not agree to gang warfare or violence. He is very sorry to hear about your son and not knowing the full details can't comment further,” the Liverpool Echo reported.

18-year-old Andrew Jones died on a night out in Liverpool city centre in 2003, after he was punched and cracked his head on the pavement.

His family have campaigned since the teenager’s death to convict his killer.

A group of nine people were condemned for their silence at an inquest into the teenager’s death, with coroner Andre Rebello declaring that “one of them was a killer,” the newspaper reported.

Famous residents of the city who have taken part in Jones' campaign to find justice for Andrew, include Royale Family actor Ricky Tomlinson and model and actor Philip Oliver.

Jones told the newspaper: “I was speechless.

“I’ve been asking celebrities for retweets for a few weeks in the hope that the message spreads and that justice catches up with the people who killed my son.

“For the most part, they’ve been great. They’ve retweeted the message, posed with awareness posters and spread the message.

“But I couldn’t believe the message Tyson Fury sent. I think he owes me an apology.

“For someone in the public eye, with such a high-profile to say ‘I’m not a grass’ – what message does that send?

“It was a horrible thing to say. He should know better," he added.