Bradford teenager hurls cat over a fence in shocking CCTV footage

The RSPCA is now lo0king for the two teenagers

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This is the horrific moment a teenager in Bradford threw a cat over an 8ft high fence and into a garden with two dogs.

In the shocking video, the boy is walking along a path with his friend, before he grabs the black and white cat by the scruff of the neck and flings it into the garden.

One of the dogs can be seen on its hind legs on the other side of the gate as the teenagers passed by. It is believed that the boys wanted the cat to be attacked by the Rottweiler and Alaskan Shepherd.

Luckily, the boys' plan did not work as they inadvertently threw the feline into its own garden, and as the dogs were familiar with the cat they did not see her as an intruder.  

The cat was very shaken but otherwise unharmed in the incident, which happened on the 20 April.

Investigating RSPCA inspector Rachel Oprysk said: "The owner heard a commotion in her backyard and when she went out she saw her cat land on the paved area and run off in sheer terror."

"Luckily the whole incident was all caught on CCTV. At first the boys appeared to be stroking the cat just outside the property but then they picked her up by the scruff of the neck and threw her high over the wooden fence and iron gate."

"We are keen to track down the boys caught on the CCTV footage as we believe they intended to cause harm to the cat and it is only by sheer luck this was not a more upsetting and horrific incident."

The RSPCA is now trying to identify the two boys, both of whom are white with dark hair.

Anyone with information on the incident should contact the RSPCA Inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.