Breast cancer sufferer labelled a 'sick freak' for wearing 'booby hat' while out shopping

The anonymous campaigner has kicked up an online storm

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Thousands of social media users have shown their support for a breast cancer sufferer after a stranger told her she was a “sick freak”.

The anonymous woman from Saffron Walden in Essex wrote a letter to a local paper describing how she had worn an awareness-raising "booby" hat as she went shopping.

The letter, which was directed to the woman who insulted her, said: “You told me that you took offence to the hat and I should take it off. I started to politely explain that I’m currently affected by breast cancer and have lost my hair through chemotherapy.

“I was hoping the hat would encourage people to talk to me, so I could explain and raise awareness of the importance of knowing and checking your own breasts.

“But you only let me get as far as telling you I had lost my hair through chemotherapy before you interrupted, telling me that perhaps I should stay behind closed doors until I didn’t look like a 'sick freak'. You then just walked off.

“I quietly paid for my shopping and left before anyone noticed the tears.”

The letter was published on a Facebook event page which the woman set up to organise a “Boobymob” at the supermarket in February: a flashmob to raise awareness about the importance of women checking for lumps and changes in their breasts.

The “Saffron Walden Boobiebellion” page has now attracted over 5,000 likes. One supporter called the organiser a “survivor and warrior”, and another said: “I wish you all the luck in the world, you are incredibly brave and I salute you and your wonderful Boobie hat.”

A Twitter account has also been set up to coordinate activity: @boobiebellion.

Saffron Waldon Boobiebellion Facebook page.PNG
The Saffron Waldon Boobiebellion Facebook has received over 5,000 likes

Users of Facebook and Twitter have been sharing fun boob-related photos in support, including “boobycakes” – cupcakes with icing nipples – and a “booby bouquet”.

Bondara, a UK-based sex toy retailer posted a photo of staff wearing their “booby beanies” which are normally sold as joke headgear for hen parties, and pledged to donate all profits from the hats to the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The “Boobymob” is currently planned to take place on 14th February, at Tesco in Saffron Walden. The duty manager of the store said: "Even though this is taking place on Tesco grounds, as it is a publicly organised event we will not be commenting on it at this time."