Brian Sewell: nation's most outspoken art critic dies aged 84

Sewell was art critic at the London Evening Standard for more than 30 years

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The Independent Online

Brian Sewell, Britain's most outspoken art critic and scourge of the Turner Prize, has died aged 84, according to reports.

The BBC reported on Saturday that Sewell, who wrote for the Evening Standard for 30 years, had passed away.

Sewell was best known for his dismissive view of conceptual art, and became an acerbic critic of institutions such as the Turner.

The Independent wrote in 2012: "Over the last 33 years, he has almost achieved the status of national treasure, but Sewell never succumbed to the temptation to be loveable.

"He always kept his barbs sharpened, his pen toxic, his dislike of mediocrity deadly serious.

"He's a confirmed elitist ('The public doesn't know good from bad') and no respecter of persons."

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