Bring back high street fish shops, says study

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The fishmonger is the retailer that shoppers would most like to see return to British high streets, a study shows.

In a poll of 1,000 people, nearly one third (31 per cent) said their main shopping thoroughfare would be improved by a fish shop.

About 6,000 fishmongers – three-quarters of the total – have closed in the past 20 years and most fresh fish is now sold at supermarkets.

But demand has been stimulated by television chefs such as Rick Stein and publicity about the health benefits of fish. Nutritionists recommend that people eat at least two portions of oily fish such as salmon and mackerel a week.

The British Shops and Stores Association, which commissioned the poll and has 4,000 members, said: "Fishmongers top the list of ingredients our high streets should have but lack."

The next most-wanted additions were fashion retailers (22 per cent) and furniture shops (21 per cent).