Britain basks in sunshine: Good weather set to continue all the way through this week

Temperatures could peak at 25C

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The whole country looks set to bask in the June sunshine this week, when temperatures could hit 25C in some places.

After notching up the coldest spring since Dr No was in cinemas, the UK's weather is bouncing back, with a Met Office forecaster saying: "Everyone's going to enjoy the sunshine."

Helen Chivers, a forecaster at the Met Office, said: "We have high pressure all over the country at the moment, which brings us fine weather and that's the case today and all the way through the week.

"There will be dry weather for everybody. Some cloud, but temperatures in the high teens and going up.

"By the time we get round to Friday, in the low twenties, with some places getting up to 24 or 25 degrees."

"Everyone's going to enjoy the sunshine. Scotland and Northern Ireland have some cloud at the moment, but we expect that to break up. The best weather will be in central and south eastern parts of England."

The week's temperatures could challenge April's record high for the year so far, of 23C.