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It is about time we took pride in ... so many valuable national assets. We must not lose those civilising qualities which have stood the test of time and which we can contribute to the benefit of others as well as ourselves -

The Prince of Wales

Europe does not need to wrest its identity any longer from the United States ... so my hope is that nations of the North Atlantic ... can do again on a global basis what they did so successfully

a generation ago

- Henry Kissinger

We need no longer listen to the tired clichs of the past. For the effort which Britain now makes in the world is an effort which Britain can and should sustain and increase. We are not pretending to be grander than we are

- Douglas Hurd

Every time our partners in the EU feel the UK is again turning its back on them, we marginalise our role within Europe: that inevitably weakens our role globally

- Peter Bonfield,

chairman of the computer company ICL

We are in the European Union and we are in to stay. There is no real danger that we are going to come out. The real danger is that we are going to stay in while often sounding as if we wish we were out

- Robin Cook, Labour Foreign Affairs spokesman

The United Kingdom, as an island with a trading and sea-faring tradition, has always looked outwards. We cannot afford a `Little Englander' mentality - John Major, the Prime Minister