Britons 'most happy at 58'

Study finds British people are least happy at the age of 35

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British people are most content with their lives at 58 years old, new research has found.

Evidence collected by academics suggests that people find the right work-life balance at 58-years-old, towards the end of their working lives.

A study of 2,000 people by the University of Lancaster found that people at that age were the most likely to have a proper lunch break at work and to not work unpaid overtime.

By contrast, 35-year-olds are going through the most stressful year of their life, the researchers said.

Professor Cary Cooper, of the University of Lancaster, said: “It's little wonder that our 30s are so stressful as we try - sometimes desperately - to juggle high-pressure jobs and family demands whilst maintaining happy relationships.”

“By the time we reach our 50s, we feel much more confident - allowing us to set the agenda when it comes to working hours and family life.”

A third of those who took part in the study were unhappy with their work-life balance. 

The most popular route to contentment suggested by participants was spending time with one’s family, with doing an enjoyable job coming in second place.

Financial problems were the biggest cause of discontent.

The research was commissioned by the electronics company Samsung to mark the launch of their Galaxy Note 4 phone.