But what do the neighbours think? The dazzling display of Christmas cheer that includes 115,000 bulbs, costs £30,000 and uses £700 worth of electricity...

28-year-old took five-week holiday to create extraordinary light show on his father's home in  Melksham, Wiltshire

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There always seems to be one person on your street with a tendency to go over the top with Christmas lights.

Spare a thought, therefore, for residents on a street in Melksham, Wiltshire where electrician Alex Goodhind's father lives.

Mr Goodhind senior has allowed his son to decorate the detached house for the 14th time with an extraordinary collection of Christmas lights.

The display features over 115,000 bulbs, and requires an industrial sized cable outside the house, installed by the electricity company, to run it independently from the mains.

The £30,000 display, built up over 17 years,  lights up Longford Road in Wiltshire every evening until 10pm.

But any complaining neighbours would be wise to keep in mind that the display is all for a good cause as Mr Goodhind hopes visitors will donate money to a hospice charity.

After raising £4,000 for the Dorothy House hospice in nearby Bradford upon Avon in 2009, he took a two-year break but decided to start again.

Mr Goodhind said: ‘I add new pieces each year and there are some in there this year I’m particularly excited about.’