Campbell settles legal dispute with maid

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Naomi Campbell has settled a legal dispute with a maid who had claimed the supermodel called her names and threatened to have her charged with theft over a missing pair of Stella McCartney jeans.

The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan by Campbell's former employee Gaby Gibson.

In November 2006, Ms Gibson made claimed that Campbell, 38, had hit her, called her names and threatened to charge her with theft after being unable to find the jeans.

Ms Gibson's lawyer said at the time that the lawsuit called Campbell a "violent super-bigot".

But Campbell's lawyer denied Ms Gibson's claims.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but a lawyer for Campbell said that both sides were pleased with the outcome.

Ms Gibson worked for Campbell from November 2005 into 2006.

The Streatham-born star has previously had legal woes involving employees.

In 2007 a New York court handed her a community service sentence and ordered her to attend anger management classes after hitting a maid on the head with a mobile phone.

Last year Campbell was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work after kicking and spitting at police officers.

Magistrates heard how she screamed foul-mouthed language at the captain of a British Airways flight waiting to take off from Heathrow Airport when one of her bags went missing during chaos at Terminal 5.

In 2006 Campbell, who has a reputation for having a fiery temper, said she was a "target" for people attempting to take advantage of her.

The catwalk star said she did not want to spend time alone in the same room with anyone to prevent further allegations.

There was no immediate comment today from Campbell's representatives in the UK.