Caravan completely destroyed after driver attempts risky overtake on narrow road - video

The driver attempted the overtake after being stuck behind a slow moving HGV for several miles

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A driver saw a caravan he was towing almost completely destroyed when he lost control of his vehicle trying to overtake a slow moving HGV on a narrow road in Somerset.

The spectacular crash that occurred on Tuesday morning, was caught on the dashcam of a fellow motorist and saw the caravan ripped in half as the vehicle went skidding across the road.

The impatient driver tried the risky manoeuvre after being stuck behind the HGV for several miles on the A39 between Street and Glastonbury. Spotting what he thought was a gap in the traffic; he attempted to accelerate past the HGV but severely misjudged how narrow the road was and quickly lost control of his vehicle that was travelling at around 50mph at the time.

The driver is then captured swerving in front of the HGV, before hitting a lamppost and smashing the rear end of the caravan into pieces.

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The contents of the caravan can be seen scattered across the road as oncoming drivers had to slam their brakes down to avoid colliding with the car and what was left of the caravan.

Following the crash, the Central Somerset Gazette reported that no drivers were injured as a result of the crash but the road had to be closed for a number of hours.