Cargo plane crashes on landing at Dublin Airport


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Two pilots have escaped injury after the small cargo plane they were flying crashed at Dublin Airport.

The front wheel of the Bin Air aircraft buckled on landing causing the accident on the runway.

Neither the pilot nor co-pilot, the only crew, suffered injuries, an airport spokeswoman said.

"It was a small aircraft, a cargo plane. The nose wheel collapsed when the aircraft landed which meant the aircraft had disabled the main runway," she said.

The accident happened at about 9am.

The plane involved was a Metroliner make.

It could be seen on the side of the runway with its nose touching the tarmac.

Specialist lifting equipment will be used to remove the damaged plane from the main runway.

In the meantime, air traffic control has given the go-ahead for incoming and outgoing flights to use the cross wind runway, the spokeswoman added.